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TERMS AND CONDITION                                                      license had been cancel or suspend. (c) drink                     (4) Intention or misuse results vehicle mechanically

The terms and conditions set out below from part                  driving or any drug, toxic or illegal substance.                       Damage/breakdown. Also. Interior damage or require clean.

of the Rental Agreement (RA) between the business             (d) unsealed road. (e) Driver under 21 years of age.            (5) Any overdue or outstanding payment of your  account

identified in RA (“Us”, “We”, “Our”) and the Hirer                    (3) Not to carry any animal or pet.                                         Such as rental fee, admin and toll charge or creidt card not supplied.

(“You”, “Your”) to hire the vehicle identified in RA                   (4) In contravention of any criminal legislation,                      (6) Damage or loss to tyres, such as punctures, cuts,

 (“vehicle”). “Hirer” means the person / company                    any legislation involve a penalty, or for any illegal                 abrasions or to windscreen such as chips, cracks and stars.

named in the RA as the Hirer and any person /                       purpose whatsoever.                                                          (7) Accident result person injury or damage loss personal

company who provides a Credit Card Authority to Us.            (5) Exchange vehicles terms condition still apply.                 property left in the vehicle before, during or after hire period.


VEHICLE CONDITION                                                           CHARGES                                                                            PAYMENT & AUTHORISATION

(1) You acknowledge receiving the vehicle from us:                (1) All applicable GST, premium surcharge,                          (1) You agree to pay all cost include legal, investigation

(a) In a good and clean condition except as specified in         stamp duty and other government charges, tax may             agency cost, interest which apply to this RA.

the vehicle details and damage report; (b) with                       apply.                                                                                     (2) You authorised us pay the overdue amount(inc. traffic

manufacturer supplied tools, tyres, any accessories and        (2) Our charge for adding fuel to the vehicle up                     fines) in full by  automatically deduct from your credit card.

equipment, a street directory, key and other item                    to the Check out fuel reading which will include a                 (3) Exceed your payment terms will attract immediately

specified on vehicle details and damage report or in               service charge.                                                                      late payment fee which set as $100 or 5% whichever is higher.

the RA; (c) with check out odometer and fuel reading             (3) Daily rates apply to each 24 hour period                          (4) We shall be entitled to list your payment default with

set out in the RA.                                                                      commencing from check out time.                                         Credit Reporting Bureau, which you acknowledge this may

     (2) You agree to maintain tyre pressure, engine oil            (4) All tolls, fines,  penalties and similar charges                    affect your credit rating.

And other fluid and fuel at the proper operating levels           incurred received by our office or car returned very                (5) You authorise us to obtain a credit file of yours to

and to immediately report to us any defect.                            unclean will attract $33.00 fee per event/item.                        Process This Car Rental Service application/contact.


RETURN OF VEHICLE                                                           INSURANCE AND ACCIDENT                                            GENERAL PROVISIONS

You agree to return the vehicle to us: (a) in                            (1) Insurance provided by us subject to terms and                 (1) None of our rights under this RA may be waived

the same condition in which you received it; (b) to                 conditions of this RA. Breach of this agreement may              except in writing by one of our officer.

return location which required by us and by return date          results insurance not covered or cover reduced.                   (2) Mini Koala  reserve rights to cancel, suspend  to

and time in RA. (c) with a fuel reading at least equal              (2) We are self insured. Our rental office’s liability                  this RA. Swap/change vehicles same condition applied.

to check out fuel reading in RA.                                              pursuant to this clause under this contract  shall be               (3) Mini Koala  reserve rights of explanation of  this RA

We must be notified and agree to any extension                    limited to maximum $100,000.  Customer must indemnify     (4) We committed to protecting your privacy. We collect

of Period of hire, in advance of return date. If you fail to        our rental office in the event of claim not covered.                  Personal information in order to process any application or

return the vehicle to us by return due date & time, we           Should you require further additional cover, you  are              service you have requested as per our terms and conditions.

Will report to police as stolen vehicle, full excess apply.        advised seeking independent insurance co. obtain cover.

(2) You will be responsible for vehicle and the                        (3) Customer must notify us immediately when

hire will continue until we make final inspection.                     accident happen. (At event of accident, or with-in 24hrs)


USE OF VEHICLE                                                                  EXCLUSIONS TO COVER

Persons who must not drive the vehicle,                                (1) You must not breach of any terms or conditions               Notice to all our customers who uses Toll Road:

unless has been authorised by us in writing.                           Contained in or implied by this RA.                                       All our Vehicles already has an account with Toll Road Authority.

All drivers must not drive vehicle if: (a)                                    (2) Any driver’s age less 21 or payment is over due.             Please notify us before or after returning the vehicle and cover

drive licensed not permit, not current, suspended,                 (3) Vehicle is left unlocked or unsecured or you not              the cost of the TOLL. You may get double charge if you just put a Tag

endorsed or cancelled. (b) last 5 years drive                            kept keys secure.                                                                 our vehicle.



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